Mouldy Odours

We have had a great July and now the rain has returned to its usual pattern. Suddenly the mouldy smell has returned. This is a sign of long term damp and dormant mould which is reactivated by the new rain. Time to get it sorted once and for all by calling Damp detectives to locate the source of the damp and help eliminate the mould odours and irritation.

To have a Free Survey or not

Have you found yourself in a dilema where you have mould, damp or condensation and are offered a free survey, but find that the remedy suggested is wildly expensive? So where do you go from there?. You might be afraid that when paying for an unbiased independent survey that the surveyor will come up with exactly the same remedy so you have gained nothing. But that is more likely not to be the case. Let’s examine the different way these surveys are carried out. Our own customers have said that a free survey consisted of a chap who looked at the damp or mould on the wall and suggested a remedy often involving hacking off plaster and replastering. How long was he there? “5 minutes”, did he use any instruments? ” No”. Then a Damp Detective came along, spent three hours using a variety of instruments and examined THE WHOLE HOUSE. Why the whole house? well moisture travels and the source of your problem may be several metres away, this is especially true with mould. Also mould is usually caused by a combination of events. So why is an Independent Damp Surveyor cheaper than a free survey? Well once he has identified the source of the mould, condensation or damp then it is easy to correct, and it is more likely that you won’t need to hack off any plaster or have expensive building work. So if you live in The South West, The South, North West, Midlands, South Wales, Oxford or London then go for the more economical option which is to call a Damp Detective. Have a look at

Death caused by mould reported in National press

It has been reported in the National press that the actress Britany Murphy’s death was linked to mould in her LA Home. Although this is an extreme case it highlights the need to be vigilant in relation to developing mould in your house or flat. The only permanent way to ensure mould doesn’t take hold is to keep your home dry. If you are suffering from mould growth and cannot find the source of the moisture then contact Damp detectives on for further advice.

Damp and the Aspergillus mould

There are many debates about mould in the home and effects on human health. On one occaision I was called to investigate the source of a mould odour and after an extensive survey I discovered a large black slimy growth . The Owner had been to the doctor for treatment to a skin condition and had been given steroids . We sent samples of the mould away for analysis and it was identified as Aspergillus fumigatus. This mould has a series of effects on humans including skin disorders and is more of a hazard to people with suppressed immune systems.The Owner of the property showed my report to his doctor for information only but the case was so strong that the doctor changed the medication . His house insurance agreed to fund the removal of the mould and rebuilt the shower. The owner had been suffering for 8 years not knowing what the problem was. Now he is much better. Aspergillus and similar moulds grow in very damp environments. For details about Aspergillus moulds and other moulds that can affect your health look at the NHS website If you can smell strong mouldy odours around your showers ,kitchens, bathrooms etc then consider calling for an independent damp survey from Damp detectives. Mould,Condensation,and damp patches are all signs that moisture is being produced somewhere and this can lead to mould growth in your home.

Damp Detectives is increasing its area of coverage

Two new surveyors Lyndon and Terry have joined the Damp Detectives team. Lyndon covers areasWA,M,SK,OL,HX and HD and can be contacted on 07912 320 506 Terry covers FY,PR,BB,BL,WN,and L and can be contacted on 07880 822 411 Many times I hear from Clients who have either had quotes or paid for building work where the builder has said “this should fix the problem”.This is simply guesswork and many times after parting with money the client has found the work was ineffective. There is only one way to cure mould,damp, and condensation permanently and that is to locate the source of moisture and stop it.