Damp Surveys In Derby, Nottingham & Leicester

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Independent Qualified Mould & Damp Surveyor

Damp Surveys in Derby, Nottingham & Leicester

Covering Postcodes S; DE; NG; LE; LN; PE.


If you suspect damp, save yourself potentially thousands of pounds of unnecessary building work with an independent damp survey from Richard.

Richard’s Qualifications

Richard is CSDD qualified (Certified Surveyor in Damp Detection) and is authorised to conduct fully comprehensive inspections of a wide range of damp related issues.

By finding the cause of the problem, he will be able to give advice on the correct course of action to be taken, whether that be for mould, damp or condensation issues.  With his specialist equipment and in depth knowledge, Richard will show you how to rectify your damp problem permanently but without major costs.

What Areas Does Richard Cover?

Richard regularly conducts Damp surveys throughout Leicester, Derby and Nottingham including:

  • Lincoln (LN)
  • Peterborough (PE)
  • Mansfield
  • Sheffield (S)
  • Rotherham
  • King’s Lynn
  • Derby
  • Leicester
  • Nottingham

Being local to Derby, Richard is also well aware that the mix of industrial and middle-class housing in the towns around Derbyshire can be prone to black mould, dry rot, wet rot and woodworm.

As well as these issues, condensation and mould that build up in your home can not only damage your property but can also lead to a wide range of health problems.  By reducing humidity levels you can prevent condensation appearing on walls and windows and Richard can offer advice on how to prevent these issues from occurring or reoccurring in the future.

Who Are Richard’s Clients?

Richard is highly experienced in dealing with a variety of clients and provides an independent service.  Richard will never sell anything extra other than his expert advise and will never advise any work on a property which is unnecessary.

How Does Richard Work?

Part of a national independent company, Richard is one of our Damp Detectives who will ensure that you receive a high quality service that will find the cause of your damp and mould problem.

1. Ethical quoting

You can contact Richard for an initial, no obligations assessment when he will give you an initial idea of the cost of the survey. These surveys provide great value for money and typically cost less than a standard home buyer’s survey. He will also provide an overview as to what areas of the property he will need access to and inform you of what will need to be inspected.  This will form the contract between us and will be sent to you by email.

2. Quick Response Time

If during the initial assessment Richard feels that he is unable to complete the survey quickly he will let you know immediately as we aim to conduct your survey to the time requirements you have specified.

3. Site Visit

For a small residential property, the survey normally takes 3 hours.  If you are happy with the free assessment then Richard will arrange to come and visit the property and if necessary liaise with tenants, estate agents or the property owners to gain access to the property and undertake the survey. If necessary, Richard will also check on the effectiveness of remedial actions which might have taken place in the property.

4. Survey Report

Richard will capture all of the necessary information to draft a report during his visit. If you request a written report, he will then send this to you via email in a PDF format within 5-7 days from the receipt of payment, which is due on completion of the survey.

The report includes a variety of elements including a wider scope survey of the entire property as well as;

  • Your details
  • Details about the property being surveyed
  • Details about the Surveyor
  • Your specific instructions
  • Observations on your instructions
  • Our own observations of the property inside and out including sketch diagrams.  We can track moisture through  floors, walls and ceilings to give you an unbiased, definitive reason for any issues you are having and recommend the type of treatment.  We use the latest damp detection equipment and techniques to ensure the areas in question are thoroughly inspected.
  • Observations on elements relating to the survey (e.g. recent weather)
  • A description of the property and its orientation in the landscape and to the sun
  • What restrictions were in place that could have prevented an inspection
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on saving you time and money.

If you need further clarification on anything in the report or if you are unsatisfied with our findings, Richard will arrange as many appointments as needed to help clarify anything. All revisits are subject to an additional reduced fee.

One of many reviews 

“Didn’t have to wait long for visit. Richard has a fixed routine to go through & it didn’t take long to find the problem which we have had for over 2 years. Richard of Damp Detectives Derbyshire seemed very knowledgeable & is a very nice & sociable person. Would definitely recommend.”
Graham Jones

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Benefits Of Having An Independent Damp Survey

  • No hidden agendas or sales targets, our solutions are tailored to your specific issue.
  • All damp surveyors are trained to our exacting standards
  • No pressure sales, friendly UK local surveyors ready to discuss your requirements
  • Clear and comprehensive reports, reporting available for insurance purposes

The Damp Detectives Podcast

We are The Damp Detectives! The Damp Detectives Podcast takes a unique approach to the subject of damp, mould and condensation in your home.

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Damp Detectives are an excellent company. They used their extensive knowledge and experience with help from their equipment to pinpoint the problem. For me it looked like grease on the walls, however it was established that a shower seal had broken and water had dripped over time onto the floor and caused mould to grow on the inside of the plasterboard in a different room. Problem solved.


I can’t recommend these people highly enough. Richard came to our property and carried out a very thorough survey and produced an in-depth report explaining in simple terms what we should do to combat our damp.
Please get them in before you spend a fortune on messy and often pointless injection treatments.

Brian Tibbs