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Do you suspect damp?

Many people in the UK believe that their property needs damp proofing.  However, many of these problems are simply the result of condensation which is a very common damp problem and quite easy to address.

Working out which type of damp you are dealing with can be useful before contacting a damp surveyor to assess your property and you can get a good idea of what is necessary to treat the damp issues in your property

Our damp surveys are available across the UK. Each of our independent surveyors undergoes extensive training in damp detection to ensure that each and every survey is conducted to our high standards followed by a comprehensive report and suggestions on how to address and prevent issues.

Three Common Sorts of Damp

Condensation Damp

What causes Condensation? Well Lifestyle is often blamed as the sole cause but is usually only a contributing factor. What use is a property that you can’t cook  and wash in? It is not necessarily the only cause and there are many other sources that can cause condensation. But if it is not addressed then mould can grow extensively which is a hazard to your health.

Penetrating Damp

Watermarks on walls or bubbles in plaster can be a sign of penetrating damp issues.  Structural problems in a building can cause penetrating damp by water, that instead of rising up from the ground, leaks through walls due to defective brickwork, guttering and other roofing issues.

Rising Damp

Rising damp moves up walls through contact with brickwork and is caused by ground water. Contractors are usually quick to blame rising damp and quote for expensive work. But other causes can look like rising damp and do not need expensive work to fix. A Damp detective will accurately identify the source and guide you through the most effective remedy.

Once you have an idea of damp problems you are concerned with and if you need further help to identify the source of the issue, please use the search box below to find your local damp surveyor who will be more than happy to help.

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