Lyndon Evans
Damp Surveys Manchester 0161 696 2977
Independent Qualified Mould & Damp Surveyor

How qualified is Lyndon to complete Damp Surveys?

Lyndon is a PCAQT damp and timber qualified technician as well as being CSDD qualified – certified surveyor in damp detection – who is authorised to conduct fully comprehensive inspections of a variety of damp related challenges in homes and commercial buildings.  Lyndon is fully qualified to conduct inspections of;

  • rising damp
  • penetrating damp
  • DPC installation
  • plastering issues
  • condensation
  • timber assessment of a wide variety of issues that can effect different hardwood and softwood timbers

He will be able to advise you on the correct course of action to take on these issues that effect damp.  Being local to Manchester, Lyndon is also highly experienced in the sort of issues that effect buildings in the North West of England, in particular in the way that the weather effects the brick work and construction of buildings around the city.  He regularly conducts Damp surveys throughout the Greater Manchester area including  Manchester itself, Rochdale, Warrington, Widnes and parts of West Yorkshire and Cheshire.


Will Adwas
“Lyndon of North West Damp Detectives was excellent, and his advice easy to understand and very thorough. Would recommend to anyone in need of an honest, unbiased survey. Thanks!”

Terry Ho
“Excellent, the survey carried out by Lyndon Evans, who provided us a very professional advice and report. Will definitely recommend him to others in the future.”

Who are his clients?

Lyndon conducts work for a wide variety of organisations as well as private customers.  As a qualified inspector he is highly sought after by tenants and small property owners who are looking for a friendly and cost effective way of resolving their damp problems. Looking for independent advice, Lyndon’s clients just want to find the route of their damp problem, not be forced into buying unnecessary treatments. Many Manchester Damp Surveyors typically work with other companies and will advise on the basis of providing remedial work to the property that can total to thousands of pounds. Lyndon, will never recommend anything you don’t need and will show how to protect your property effectively by looking at the structure and age of the property, how it responds to damp and mould and also how resistant it is to common problems.

Tenants and Landlords
Manchester has a wide variety of older rental properties and being one of the wettest cities in the UK these properties are subject to a wide variety of issues. However, many of the problems are caused by a combination of lifestyle and the property design which can be resolved by small repairs or changes. Lyndon will work with both the landlord and the tenant in the property to resolve these issues and help make the property a better place to live without costing the landlord expensive repair bills.

Property Surveyors and Purchasers
Lyndon can work alongside property surveyors to provide additional accreditation in cases where damp is clearly going to be a problem.  Most basic Manchester Damp Surveys of housing do not include a comprehensive damp appraisal so including Lyndon’s expertise in the mix will give you better peace of mind about the likely cost and implications of mould, condensation, damp smells or damp stains apparent in the property.  As all the work is fully accredited and is carried out by a qualified technician,  you can be sure including Lyndon in your house purchase or selling process could save you a lot of time and money.


Michael Langley
“Couldn’t of been more thorough or informative. Our surveyor Lyndon was amazing and provided us with the reassurance we needed and a concise plan of attack to solve our damp problems. Worth every penny!”

How does he work?

Lyndon is one of our Damp Detectives and is part of a national independent company. As part of Damp Detectives, Lyndon will conduct the following steps to ensure that the Manchester Damp Survey is completed successfully and to an incredibly high standard.

  1.  Ethical quoting
    The first step is to contact Lyndon for an initial, no obligations assessment of your situation and at this time he will give you an initial idea of the cost of the survey. As a general guide these surveys often cost less than the cost of a basic home buyers survey, providing excellent value for money. The initial scope assessment will include a comprehensive guide to the survey that will be conducted so that it is clear from the start what will be inspected and how the process will be undertaken. This will be sent to you by email and forms the contract between us.
  2. Quick Response Time
    We aim to conduct your survey to the time requirements you have specified which in our experience is normally within 3-4 days. Lyndon has a regular schedule of work going into three or four months ahead but he does keep time slots for “agile” work that needs to be completed on an emergency basis. If he is unable to complete your survey quickly this will be made clear to you during the initial assessment
  3. Site Visit
    If you are happy with the free assessment then Lyndon will arrange to come and visit the property and if necessary liaise with tenants, estate agents or the property owners to gain access to the property and undertake the survey. The survey itself normally takes 3 hours for a small residential property.  Lyndon will investigate the key concerns that you have initially brought up and he will also conduct a wider inspection of all  the issues affecting the property. Lyndon will also check on the effectiveness of any remedial actions which might have taken place in the property – such as woodworm control,  damp proofing work and ventilation measures.
  4. Survey Report
    Lyndon will write the report on site and go through it with you. If you request a written report, he will then send this to you via email or in the post within 24 hours of completing the survey.  The report includes a variety of elements including a wider scope survey of the entire property as well as;
  • Your details
  • Details about the property being surveyed
  • Details about the Surveyor
  • Your specific instructions
  • Observations on your instructions
  • Our own observations of the property inside and out including sketch diagrams.  We can track moisture through  floors, walls and ceilings to give you an unbiased, definitive reason for any issues you are having and recommend the type of treatment.  We use the latest damp detection equipment and techniques to ensure the areas in question are thoroughly inspected.   
  • Observations on elements relating to the survey (e.g. recent weather)
  • A description of the property and its orientation in the landscape and to the sun
  • What restrictions were in place that could have prevented an inspection
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on saving you time and money.  

Satisfaction Guarantee – full refund if we don’t find a solution

If you need further clarification on anything in the report or if you are unsatisfied with our findings, Lyndon will arrange as many appointments as needed to help clarify anything that has been found in the report. If we can’t find a solution we offer a full refund.


Benefits Of Having An Independent Damp Survey

  • No hidden agendas or sales targets, our solutions are tailored to your specific issue.
  • All damp surveyors are trained to our exacting standards
  • No pressure sales, friendly UK local surveyors ready to discuss your requirements
  • Clear and comprehensive reports, reporting available for insurance purposes


Couldn’t of been more thorough or informative. Our surveyor Lyndon was amazing and provided us with the reassurance we needed and a concise plan of attack to solve our damp problems. Worth every penny!

Michael Langley

Excellent, the survey carried out by Lyndon Evans (surveyor), who provide us a very professional advise and report. Will definitely recommend him to others in the future.

Terry Ho