Damp Surveys In Oxfordshire

Darren Horn 07743 942180
Independent Qualified Mould & Damp Surveyor

An Independent Damp Surveyor Covering Postcodes OX (Oxford), SN (Swindon), RG (Reading).

Darren is one of our independent damp surveyors covering the areas of Oxfordshire. 

Darren is a qualified and time served plumber. He has worked in the building industry for 25yrs+. He has plumbed in and maintained properties such as residential premises for housing associations, lease hold flats, and large housing estate developments.Darren has also gained many years of experience and knowledge in managing and maintaining commercial buildings, including prisons, care homes, hospitals and listed buildings.

Darren has decided to transfer his skills and knowledge into damp surveying. He has undergone specialist training with The Damp Detectives…. He is a member of SPAB and has in interest in historical buildings.

Darren will be able to investigate the cause of any damp or mould issues you may be experiencing using a variety of specialised tools, current training, and his own professional and comprehensive understanding, without pressuring you to purchase unnecessary products.

Darren will work to locate the source of your damp problem and resolve it rather than offering a solution to mask the symptoms.

What Areas Does Darren Cover?

Darren is able to conduct damp surveys throughout Oxfordshire covering many of the Oxford, Swindon and Reading postcodes, including:

  • Oxford (OX)
  • Wroxton
  • Woodstock
  • Bicester
  • Wallingford
  • Swindon (SN) 
  • Chippenham
  • Faringdon
  • Marlborough
  • Reading (RG)
  • Bracknell
  • Basingstoke
  • Newbury

After many years experience in London, Darren is familiar with a wide variety of different properties and the problems that can occur within them.

How Does Darren Work?

As one of our Damp Detectives, Darren will ensure that you receive a high quality service that will find the cause of your damp and mould problem.

Each customer can be sure to receive:

Ethical Quoting – After a no obligation assessment Darren will provide you with an idea of the initial cost of the survey.  It’s worth noting that a survey is likely to cost less than a standard home buyer’s survey, offering great value for money.

Quick Response Time – If Darren is unable to offer the required lead time for your survey after the initial assessment, he will let you know immediately. 

Site Visit – A survey will take approximately 3 hours for a small residential property.  If you are satisfied with the initial assessment, Darren will arrange a site visit to complete the survey after liaising with tenants, estate agents or property owners where applicable.  Darren will also investigate any remedial measures that may have been put in place.

Survey Report – During his visit, Darren will collect all of the information needed to write a report. If you request a written report, he will send it to you via email in PDF format within 5-7 days of receiving payment, which is due upon survey completion.  The report includes a variety of elements such as a wider scope survey of the entire property as well as:

  • Your details
  • Details about the property being surveyed
  • Details about the Surveyor
  • Your specific instructions
  • Observations on your instructions
  • Our own observations of the property inside and out including sketch diagrams.  We can track moisture through floors, walls, and ceilings to provide you with an unbiased, definitive reason for any problems you are experiencing and recommend a course of action. We also use the most up-to-date damp detection equipment and techniques to ensure that the affected areas are thoroughly inspected.
  • Observations on elements relating to the survey (e.g. recent weather)
  • A description of the property and its orientation in the landscape and to the sun
  • What restrictions were in place that could have prevented an inspection
  • Conclusions and recommendations based on saving you time and money.

If you require additional clarification on anything in the report or are dissatisfied with our findings, Darren will schedule as many appointments as necessary to help clarify your queries. All return visits are subject to an additional, reduced fee.

What Do I Need To Do To Start The Process?

First, fill out the contact form on the right.  Darren can then get in touch, gather any information he may need from you and discuss an estimated quote.  If you choose to go ahead with the survey, Darren will book an appointment with you to visit the property and will liaise with tenants, estate agents and property owners where necessary in order to carry out the survey.

For a smaller, residential property a survey will usually take around three hours.  The main areas of concern will be investigated as well as an extensive property inspection to make sure that nothing is overlooked.  Darren will also inspect any remedial measures that may have been implemented and examine the impact these may have had on the property.

After the inspection has been carried out, a full report of the findings can be generated if you have requested it.  At this point, Darren can advise of any appropriate remedial actions that may need to be performed to help combat the issue.

How Much Will An Independent Damp Survey Cost?

As you can appreciate every situation and property is different, therefore we are unable to offer a fixed quote for a damp survey to any of our customers.  Firstly, get in touch with Darren who can discuss your current situation with you to recognise the issues you are experiencing.  

It’s important to provide us with as much information as possible, and images where appropriate, so that we can gain a better understanding of the problem.  From here, if you decide to proceed with a survey, Darren will be able to provide you with an estimated survey cost.  For your own reference, these surveys generally cost less than a basic home buyer’s survey, offering outstanding value for money.

Benefits Of Having An Independent Damp Survey

  • No hidden agendas or sales targets, our solutions are tailored to your specific issue.
  • All damp surveyors are trained to our exacting standards
  • No pressure sales, friendly UK local surveyors ready to discuss your requirements
  • Clear and comprehensive reports, reporting available for insurance purposes

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Paul Ennis  has been extremely helpful in conducting a damp survey on a pre-purchase property with very short notice, following recommendation by a RICS surveyor. He was able to pinpoint the source of the damp in the house and provided clear explanation in lay terms, to help me move forward with my purchase. When I had further questions after the survey, Paul (and Carina) kindly set out time to talk through these. I have been satisfied with the service so far and would recommend Paul.


Paul Ennis visited my property in Kidlington recently. He carried out a comprehensive and very useful damp survey enabling me to tackle the issue effectively..Throughly professional service that I highly recommend.

Taj Nazir