Damp & Mould

Damp And Mould Go Hand In Hand. Where You Find One The Other Will Inevitably Be Nearby

Mould and fungi come in all colours and shapes, some are harmful to humans, but they all need damp to start growing.
The question often asked is “Can mould affect the health of myself and my children?” The best way to answer this is to look at the NHS response so click the link below:


Here are a couple of examples of mould which are typically found in the home and in these cases have affected the health of the occupants.

The damp from a leaking shower caused white rot and Aspergillus Fumigatus to grow under the flooring.

Aspergillus is an extremely toxic mould as described in the NHS link.

Undetected mould can lead to health problems; see this Daily Mail report.

The solution if you smell or find mould in your home is to call Damp Detectives who will locate the source of the damp, start the process of getting rid of the mould and improve your health.

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