Damp Surveys & Kent & SE London

Paul Town 07452 707720
Independent Mould and Damp Surveyor

Covering Kent and SE London

Postcodes SE; BR; DA; ME; TN; CT.

Paul has been a surveyor for 35 years and holds a BSc (Hons) in Building Surveying and a Diploma (NVQ Level 4) in Residential Home Inspection. Much of the surveying that he has completed has been in the residential sector where he gained a good knowledge of property types and construction within London and South East England. As a damp specialist, Paul has a lot of experience in conducting Damp Surveys in Kent, Bromley, Dartford and Tunbridge Wells.

Paul is fully qualified to conduct inspections of;

  • rising damp
  • penetrating damp
  • DPC installation
  • plastering issues
  • condensation
  • timber assessment

No matter what your damp or mould concern, Paul will be able to advise you on the correct course of action to take to correct the issue without selling you unnecessary and costly extras. Being local to London and South East England and with 35 years of experience, conducting surveys in the area, he is highly knowledgeable in experienced in the sort of issues that may affect properties in this area.

How does he work?

As part of Damp Detectives’ national independent company, he will conduct the following steps to ensure that your Damp Survey is completed effectively and to a high standard. Paul is a damp expert and uses a holistic process to diagnose sources of dampness working closely with clients to discover the truth and advise simple cost effective solutions.

1. Quoting
One of the key things that often put property owners off ordering a damp survey is the cost. Once you contact Paul for a no obligation initial assessment of the property via email or phone, he will give you the cost of the survey. As a general guide, a damp survey often costs less than a standard home buyers survey even without taking into account the potential saving in unnecessary building work.

2. Quick response time
We aim to conduct your survey as soon as possible. If you let Paul know when you would like the survey completed, he will endeavour to find a time and day to suit you.

3. Site visit
The survey itself normally takes on average 3 hours for a residential property. Paul will investigate any key concerns that you have raised as well as conduct a wider inspection of potential causes. Where applicable, Paul will also look at any damp proofing that has been put in place previously to see if this is hindering or helping the issue.

Our surveys are backed as applicable with hygrometer readings, thermal imaging, moisture meter readings/profiles and temperature readings/profiles.

4. Survey report
After your survey is completed, Paul will write up a report and send this to you as soon as possible after the survey is conducted. The report will typically state the reason for the visit, the testing that was carried out and any recommended solutions. This survey is concise and thorough, ensuring that nothing is missed. If you require Paul to go through the survey with you or there is anything that you are unsure of then please contact him. Paul will make as many site visits as necessary to ensure that you are completely happy with the survey.

Benefits Of Having An Independent Damp Survey

  • No hidden agendas or sales targets, our solutions are tailored to your specific issue.
  • All damp surveyors are trained to our exacting standards
  • No pressure sales, friendly UK local surveyors ready to discuss your requirements
  • Clear and comprehensive reports, reporting available for insurance purposes

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Very pleased with survey which was carried out for our property. Paul was well presented, knew his subject and provided us with a thorough and well documented report.Paul was able to identify the problem we were experiencing and provided plenty of information and advice for our maintenance team to do the remedial works.

Highly recommended.

Cartref Homes

Having consulted a number of advisory agencies of this type over the years, I found their service to be very professional, confident and thorough; when they gave me advice I knew it could be trusted. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Louise, Landlady