What areas do you cover?

We cover most of England, Wales and Parts of Scotland. However, if you live outside of these areas we can arrange a survey to suit.

How Do I Find My Local Surveyor?

To find a Damp Detectives Surveyor, simply enter your postcode into the green box above. This will then take you to your local Damp Surveyor and allow you to contact them either by phone or by filling out or contact form.

What Happens During A Damp Survey?

During our consultation phase, we will gain a good history of what you have been experiencing with your damp problem. This will allow us to start the survey with a good idea of the main issues you have been facing and the location of mould or signs of damp.

We will then carry out a full survey, that typically lasts two to three hours. In this time your Damp Surveyor will check the moisture levels in floors, ceilings, walls, lofts and cellars. Your Damp Surveyor will also test areas of your property for leaks including drains and do a thorough examination of windows, doors and roofs.

After the survey is complete, your Damp Surveyor will discuss with you verbally the results of the survey and what is causing the problem. If a full written report is required, this can be supplied after 7 days at an extra cost.

Do You Carry Out Damp Surveys For Insurance Purposes or Disputes?

We currently have 6 Damp Surveyors that are qualified to carry out these types of Damp Surveys. If you wish to have a Damp Survey for insurance purposes or Landlord disputes, please let us know before your Survey takes place to ensure that we can supply this for your area.

How Much Is A Damp Survey?

Please contact your local Damp Surveyor by using the Postcode Box above for a Damp Survey quote.

What is an Independent Damp Surveyor?

An Independent Damp Surveyor is a person who will carry out a survey on your behalf in an unbiased and totally honest manner. There is no attempt to promote any other services or suggest work which may not be necessary. Please note we do charge for this service.

How Long Does a Mould & Damp Survey Take?

Normally two to three hours on site, with a verbal description of what is causing the problem.

Why Choose a Damp Detective Mould & Damp Survey?

Curing mould and damp is easy when you know the source of the problem. Many free surveys are based on the sale of a product but you can’t be sure this product will cure your problem. From our experience, free surveys never locate the source of the problem. We have over 20 years of experience in dealing with mould and damp and a fantastic success rate. We will make repeat visits if necessary to ensure that the correct cause is found and the solution we suggest will fix the problem.