Independent Damp Surveyor West London

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Introducing Derek Carmichael our Independent Damp Surveyor in the West of London. I asked him to describe to me one of the surveys he had done.

” There was a flat owner in Acton with 2 bedrooms , bathroom etc in the basement of this property. The flooring was concrete with machined wooden flooring on top. This flooring was buckling up so the owner called in firstly a drain surveyor and then a plumber. Both said there were no issues but the floor continued to get wet. He finally called in Damp Detectives and Derek was on the case. He noticed there was a condensing boiler for the hot water and central heating which normally produced 1litre of water an hour which drained away. However it drained to a sump pump but the pump wasn’t working so for about 6 months the boiler had been draining into the concrete floor spreading damp under the flooring causing it to buckle. Once the pump was repaired the concrete started to dry and the flooring went back down.” Another case solved by Damp Detectives.