Excellent unbias professional advice. Highly recommended will definitely use this company again.

Kevin Stewart

Fantastic – Andy is going to save me thousands. I had an eye-watering quote from a damp proofing company that also said it would be 2 weeks work, including two weeks out of bedrooms, while they stripped everything back and left it to then be decorated. They did not diagnose the problem, just said it was a big job. Andy came and carried out a full survey, finding the reason for the damp and explaining exactly what needed to be done to rectify it and prevent it from happening again. The work will take a day or two and can all be done from outside the property. It is important to say that if I had gone ahead with the damp proof company and spent thousands of pounds and had terrible disruption, the damp would have returned almost immediately and I would have had to go through the whole process again. If you know anyone with a suspected damp problem, 100% start with Damp Detectives.

Martha Smith

Iv had a problem with damp in my house for over a year now and iv had alsorts done . Work on my roof , bought a humidifier, tried everything.. Jamie attended my property this morning and within a hour he had pinpointed the problem.. Not only that he also give me some grate advice for maintaining my property for now and in the future. He’s clearly pationate about what he does and he also told me that he will come back to my property in the future for a follow up , free of charge . Iv already arranged for the work the he has suggested to be done . Couldn’t be happier and I now got piece of mind . Thank you Jamie and Evie .

John Douglas

Terry attended my property in February 2023, I have been meaning to leave a review since then… that I have remembered to do so 3 months later should be testimony as to how impressed I was with the standard of service he offered.
Terry spent a couple of hours or so thoroughly inspecting my property, though his experienced eye quickly identified the minor issues that were causing what I thought would be a major problem.
He took the time to explain his process (always interesting to hear an expert talk about their work) and also how damp issues arise, and the actions that can be taken to minimise them.
Within a few days, I had a really detailed, comprehensive report that I can use to address the issues he identified, and also cite if anyone tries to suggest that more extensive work is required.
I’m confident that the price paid for the survey will be saved by only having to do what is necessary.
Also, Terry was excellent company, thoroughly nice, decent man, and I hope to run into him again (we live very close to each other).
Highly recommended.

Paul Underhay

Nigel came out to survey my apartment in-between Christmas and New Year because I needed a damp inspection carrying out quickly.
He was helpful, friendly and professional. Carrying out a thorough inspection, answering any questions I had and providing a report the next day.
I can highly recommend Nigel and Damp Detectives for their excellent work plus the cost was very reasonable!

Gillian Walker

Paul Ennis  has been extremely helpful in conducting a damp survey on a pre-purchase property with very short notice, following recommendation by a RICS surveyor. He was able to pinpoint the source of the damp in the house and provided clear explanation in lay terms, to help me move forward with my purchase. When I had further questions after the survey, Paul (and Carina) kindly set out time to talk through these. I have been satisfied with the service so far and would recommend Paul.


I’m so glad I contacted Matt George to undertake a damp survey for us! His knowledge in the subject is second to none and following his visit and thorough examination of our house I now feel like an expert myself and have a clear understanding of how to rectify the issues that were identified. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


Richard Bull covers the West Midlands and Black Country areas and surrounding districts. He is a real professional and is independent nad unbiased which is incredibly important, so you don’t get ‘pushed’ into using the contractors who come out and ‘assess’ your property and push their ‘work’ onto you. He is thorough, knowledgeable and trustworthy. He makes sure no stone is unturned and he knows his beans in this industry. I wish I had found him sooner! Don’t hesitate to ring him. My house had extensive EOW damage and he spent hours getting to the bottom of the issues and did a thorough Report. Very impressed indeed.


Super quick turnaround and very accurate & helpful report! Good work Derek and thanks a lot!

Konstantin H.

I needed a damp surveyor to assess my flat in Croydon for some persistent mould issue. My surveyor (Maura Ogunbiyi) was so thorough and went above and beyond to diagnose the issues and provide advice to how to tackle it. She was very professional and I would highly recommend.


I asked Paul Ennis, an independent specialist in Damp surveys to report on a potential house I was purchasing. He was prompt, thorough and very helpful in advice for remedial action. I would certainly use him again.

Orlando Warner

I would definitely recommend Scott Clark from Damp Detectives Essex for anyone who had an issue with damp. He was always quick to reply to my emails, was accommodating in terms of booking the appointment and sent a very thorough report. Very professional and thorough.


Paul Ennis visited my property in Kidlington recently. He carried out a comprehensive and very useful damp survey enabling me to tackle the issue effectively..Throughly professional service that I highly recommend.

Taj Nazir

Maura was very professional throughout the process; the initial enquiry, appointment, investigations and explanation of the cause of the dampness. She is very knowledgeable and provided a detailed report with recommendations to resolve the damp issue. I am pleased to report there is no more damp in the room in question.

Manny R

We had Nigel out to assess some damp areas in a end terrace house. He was very thorough and knowledgeable regarding the causes and took the time to give me an in-depth explanation of his findings at the end of his investigation, pointing out the areas that needed addressing. Following this came a very detailed report which I can use to explain to relevant trades when having the work carried out. Having a professional surveyor assess these issues was certainly the correct way to go.

Matthew Rawstron

Everyone needs a DampDetective Paul in their lives!

From the moment I spoke to Paul to enquire about a damp issue flagged up in building survey I knew we were in safe hands.

Paul took time to explain absolutely everything, both before and after the survey. Nothing was too much trouble. The Report was very clear, detailed and informative. Extremely professional, exceptionally knowledgable and trustworthy guy.

The fact that Paul is independent meant we were able to gain a greater understanding of what work actually needed doing. Paul was also able to advise if it was of urgent concern or something to factor in for the future and general upkeep of the cottage.

Undoubtedly, the best investment we have made in the whole house buying process!

Thank you!

Anne Price

Excellent service. Friendly and efficient. Very comprehensive report which we can now use to sort out ongoing problems in our property which has given us real peace of mind.

Nicola Thomas

We had a great experience with damp detectives, Tracy was,helpful, friendly and understanding from start to finish. They completed the job professionally and to timescales giving honest advice. Wouldn’t hesitate to use again or recommend.


I needed a damp review but was conscious of the fact I didn\’t want to have potential remedies pushed onto me that I didn\’t really need. That\’s why i used Damp Detectives. Someone just to look at the issues at hand and explain the cause and potential treatments.
I recieved a full report stating the issues, causes and remedies listed in order of priority along with photos. I was very pleased with Damp Detectives report and would highly recommend to anyone needing damp looking into. Knowing your not going to have products pushed on to you, you dont necessarily need.

Jeff Ward

Really great service, very comprehensive report and gave me peace of mind when buying a new property. Not only did they identify some areas for concern but they gave clear advice on what was need to remedy the source of the problem. Being independent of any building firms I felt more confident the advice was honest and trustworthy. When I called on the phone it was a polite informative call, the communications and billing was transparent and on time. They dealt directly with the estate agent and the Vendors so it was hassle free, and the report was delivered 24hrs after the date of the inspection. Really please, and I’m happy to recommend.

Steven Grimmett

The survey was very thorough and all conclusions were backed up with evidence from the site visit. Very impressed with the quality of the service provided. This company is not trying to sell any other products or services, so I was happy that the recommendations in the report were reliable. A first rate service. Many thanks.

Pete L

After “high damp readings” were discovered in a homebuyers survey, we decided to get this company in to investigate further for us . As we were panicking it could be a serious issue . Couldn’t of made a better decision. Not only are the customer service extremely helpful and friendly, they managed to get me a surveyor out to the property the very following day. I received a phone call after giving me a brief explanation of what was discovered. The day after we had our report. Honestly couldn’t recommend this company more.

Craig Stewart

I first contacted Damp detectives to inspect some issues I was experiencing in my recently purchased victorian house.
Richard visited and his advice and expertise was very impressive. Despite not all good news for me, he offers thorough investigations, explanations and guidance on how to rectify any damp issues and he is top guy.
I would certainly use damp detective’s again and would recommend.

Trish Thompson

From the initial enquiry through to receiving the report the service from Damp Detectives has been exceptional. We are very pleased we used their expertise to understand exactly what was happening, and it has undoubtedly saved us considerable money and time. Would not hesitate to recommend their services.
Thank you to Tracy and Richard.

J Blakeman

Tracy and Paul – Birmingham Office
Daniel – Surveyor

I contacted Damp Detectives as I needed an independent company to get to the bottom of damp issues at my property. Having had a couple of surveys done by a damp proofing company who did not get to the root cause.

Tracy was brilliant in the office, from the first call, we had a long chat and discussed the issues and history. Dan was professional and carried out a thorough survey of the property and was able to identify the root cause and remedies. He did brief me at the property so I could get the recommended work underway and followed with a detailed report.

I would not hesitate to use Damp Detectives again. I wish I had found them earlier as it would have saved a lot of stress and cost!


We used Damp Detectives to obtain a report when selling our house. Tracey took the time to explain the service to us prior to booking so we were clear it was what we needed. Richard, the surveyor, attended on time and was very professional. He did a thorough assessment and talked through the findings- explaining everything simply and clearly. The report was provided within a week. The report itself was very thorough, with the use of photographs as evidence. Most helpful was the clear and simple advice about how to remedy issues. We couldn’t have expected anything more

Paula K

Richard completed the survey for us and was very thorough. Opened ours eyes to the history of the property and guided us on what needed to be done. The survey was worth every penny. Thank you Damp Detectives.


Fantastically helpful and friendly from the first phone call.
They grave a complete walk-through of what they’ll do, how long it’d likely take and fair set price.

Bradley B

Very pleased with survey which was carried out for our property. Paul was well presented, knew his subject and provided us with a thorough and well documented report.Paul was able to identify the problem we were experiencing and provided plenty of information and advice for our maintenance team to do the remedial works.

Highly recommended.

Cartref Homes

Lyndon Evans carried out a survey yesterday. A very nice man who explains in layman’s terms what the problems are in the property.
The report and photos arrived on time as agreed and clearly supported the explanation given at the time of the visit.
I would thoroughly recommend Lyndon who gives an independent assessment and recommendation safe in the knowledge he is not selling any damp remedy products to rip you off.

David D

Great experience with damp detectives. We were having serious issues with damp and mould in our rented flat, and we couldn’t have found a solution without Robert’s detailed report. Thanks again!


Really responsive – Paul called me soon after I submitted an enquiry and we quickly got a date booked in for the survey. The surveyor was professional, knowledgeable and spent time talking me through what he discovered on site. The report came promptly after the visit and was comprehensive, including photos of what had been identified and recommendations for how to rectify the issues. Trustworthy and reliable service that I’d recommend. Also a benefit that the survey is not designed to create further work for them to rectify.


Paul conducted a thorough and logical survey of the damp problems in my property. He was able to share detailed information about the root causes of the issues, then outlined remedies from minor repairs I could do myself, right through to major work if so necessary. Great job and report – really glad I used damp detectives to get an honest and objective assessment.

Kevin Stride

I am really glad I found damp detectives, having independent advice is invaluable. I made the rookie mistake of using a damp proofing company to do a survey, suddenly went from a small penetrative damp problem to a massive expensive rising damp issue but with no real investigation. Luckily I found DD, they gave me good advice on what the issues were, cost effective ways to resolve them and also good tips for managing the property. I would highly recommend them.


Excellent service from Robert and Paul that got to the root of the problem


Richard attended the property to investigate long standing damp issues following extensive extensions to the property. His surveyor was professional and he explained, in layman terms, each aspect of his review. He was able to identify the issue and recommend remedies other than the default “new damp proof course” as suggested by others. Great to have a truly independent survey.


Jonathan was excellent, very knowledgeable and able to back his findings up with scientific, logical evidence put into laymans terms.
We should have done this years ago, it would have saved us a lot of money in the long run. Instead we relied on free quotations from blaggers and trawled through youtube hit and miss advice. Jonathan has presented us with bespoke advice specific to our issues. Great service.

Alain Brooker

Richard came to investigate our non-specific damp and musty smell – this was an intermittent problem, affecting the lounge for maybe 10 or 14 days a year. It had gone on for seven years. In less than an hour, Richard identified the cause and provided a suggested solution which I was able to carry out as a DIY job. Hey presto – smell gone! I wish I’d heard of Damp Detectives seven years ago – highly recommended

David Willcox

Been suffering with damp and condensation for many years and decided it was time to find the root cause. Called Damp detectives and was visited by Lyndon Evans. Lyndon was very professional and took a full 5hrs to complete a thorough assessment of our property. The full survey results and a mammoth 83 photo fact file landed by Email the same evening. Two weeks have past since Lyndons visit and we have already began seeing the results of his recommendations. Just wish had contacted them earlier. Couldn’t recommend these guys enough
1 Comment

Mark Holt

Our Homebuyer survey showed up a few damp problems and requested us to have a damp and timber survey.
After doing some research I decided to call on the services of Matt George and am very glad I did, the process was hassle free and simple from the start to the end.
We spent the best part of 4 hours at the property with Matt, from the very start of the survey he explained everything in simple terms.
The problems were identified, the causes were explained, and then discussed the possible solutions within the limitations of listed status.

Craig Semmens

We can’t recommend Jonathan enough!He was extremely helpful throughout the process. Moving house is already expensive, but for the information we received has 100% saved us money and time and paid for itself. By reading the survey we new exactly what we were going to encounter and advice on how to resolve the issues. There were points that we would have never considered as contributors to the damp issue. The house was around 85% humidity when we bought it, but after the survey, advice and remedial works its rarely over 55%. I cant imagine buying any house again without having a damp survey.

Chris Brown

I can’t recommend these people highly enough. Richard came to our property and carried out a very thorough survey and produced an in-depth report explaining in simple terms what we should do to combat our damp.
Please get them in before you spend a fortune on messy and often pointless injection treatments.

Brian Tibbs

Lyndon came to survey our house at the time we had agreed. He was very friendly and informative from the start . He did a very thorough survey of both the outside and inside of our house using very accurate diagnostic tools backed up by lots of pictorial evidence to back up his results. We had previously had what we thought was effective remedial work done to solve our damp problem but Lyndon pointed out that the work we had done wasn’t the best quality and had actually made the problem worse! He explained this in easy to understand language and I have to agree with him.
All in all, I am very happy with Lyndons expertise and personal skills in providing a very comprehensive easy to understand report given in a friendly manner.

Peter Shaw

Couldn’t of been more thorough or informative. Our surveyor Lyndon was amazing and provided us with the reassurance we needed and a concise plan of attack to solve our damp problems. Worth every penny!

Michael Langley

Excellent, the survey carried out by Lyndon Evans (surveyor), who provide us a very professional advise and report. Will definitely recommend him to others in the future.

Terry Ho

Lyndon of North West Damp Detectives was excellent, and his advice easy to understand and very thorough. Would recommend to anyone in need of an honest, unbiased survey. Thanks!

Will Adwas

I recently made an appointment with The Damp Detectives because they are an independent organisation, not affiliated with any damp proofing companies, and I knew that by using them I could rely on unbiased advice about the damp issues I had in my house.

After making a thorough survey, the surveyor gave me a detailed explanation of the cause of the damp (luckily it was not a serious problem but was a result of condensation and a recent leak in my bathroom) and gave me some useful advice on how to remedy the problems.

I found the Damp Detectives very knowledgeable and professional and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Avril In Cawsand
We recently purchased a house with a serious damp issue due to a combination of lack of maintenance and raised floor levels in front and back gardens.
Mr Clive Phillips of Damp Detectives has been simply fantastic. He is extremely knowledgeable about these and other issues, and has spent a lot of time getting to the cause behind them, explaining the reasons and the solutions, as well as being incredibly patient with questions.
His detailed report with photos has been of great help to get tradesmen informed about the exact works needed so that we can get reliable quotations from them.
After our experience I strongly recommend hiring a Damp Detective before the purchase of a property. House Surveyors tend to simply refer to an expert in their reports. And even after the purchase, these detectives will get to the real cause of the issue, rather than just treating the symptoms.
Eva Martinez, Northampton.

Damp Detectives are an excellent company. They used their extensive knowledge and experience with help from their equipment to pinpoint the problem. For me it looked like grease on the walls, however it was established that a shower seal had broken and water had dripped over time onto the floor and caused mould to grow on the inside of the plasterboard in a different room. Problem solved.


Having consulted a number of advisory agencies of this type over the years, I found their service to be very professional, confident and thorough; when they gave me advice I knew it could be trusted. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Louise, Landlady
Thank you for coming today – great service, very knowledgeable and I feel confident in what I have to do to sort it.
Judith from Hove

Further to your Damp Survey of 5th February, I had meant to tell you that we were subsequently able to come to an arrangement with the window fitter for him to return and fit lead flashing along the join between conservatory and house. We have had fairly heavy rain on a number of occasions since and I am pleased to inform you that there have been no leaks!

Many thanks for your assistance with this, and also with pointing out the other areas of concern.

I commissioned Mr George to investigate my 1900’s built house as there were specific areas showing signs of damp/mould on walls. He carried out a tier 2 survey (whole house) lasting approximately two an a half hours. I found him to be extremely thorough , explaining the outcome of tests and their likely causes in plain language. At the end of the survey conclusions were discussed with us and advice offered to eliminate the problems. Matt has a pleasant disposition and easy to communicate with. I would recommend him as a truly independent consultant.


Calling in damp detectives was money well spent. As a first time homeowner the appearance of damp was concerning, especially as we were unsure of the potential causes and did not know who to call. The service we received from Matt was timely, professional, comprehensive, independent and informative. It has enabled us to understand the issues, look to put in place protective measures and look at ways to ensure long term prevention. We feel we received honest and value for money advice, and would recommend damp detectives to anybody in this position.


I went to Robert frustrated as I have had ongoing damp and mould for years in my flat that my service provider has constantly blamed on condensation from my lifestyle and hence refused to help me to solve. I was desperate as I now have a baby and mould has even grown on her cot. Robert immediately understood my difficult situation and was able to fit me in quickly. After a detailed and expert survey in my flat and my neighbour’s who also had severe damp he was able to conclude that the cause was not lifestyle or condensation but a leak in the roof that the service provider needs to fix. Knowing that I was going to use his survey to press my service provider into action he set some up data loggers which recorded the humidity in my flat over a two period to provide some extra data and graphs that my service provider will not be able to avoid. He’s taken a massive weight off my shoulders and allowed me to take control of the situation with my service provider.


I would recommend Robert’s service to anyone looking to buy a property who wanted to be sure it was in good order, or anyone living with damp and mould. Having spent the last three years becoming more and more frustrated with the property management agency responsible for maintenance in my block of flats, I now have an understanding of the root causes of my flat’s problem, and evidence which will hopefully resolve the situation once and for all. Robert is really friendly and understanding and very methodical in his approach

Katherine, London

Damp Detectives are an excellent company. They used their extensive knowledge and experience with help from their equipment to pinpoint the problem. For me it looked like grease on the walls, however it was established that a shower seal had broken and water had dripped over time onto the floor and caused mould to grow on the inside of the plasterboard in a different room. Problem solved.


Hi Terry,
Thank you very much for your prompt issue of the report it is very much appreciated. We are very impressed with the service and detailed report you have provided and will strongly recommend you to others in the future, thank you.

Mr P Watkinson

Dear Terry,
I have verbally informed the vendor through there estate agents of your findings, namely cracks in chimneys inoperative chimney vents blocked air bricks and painted external render which will not allow the building to breathe so trapping moisture inside the structure. These previously unknown findings reveal substantial costs, we are requesting a small price reduction of £5000 based upon your findings / report, thanks again

Mr C Bridges

I don’t think I thanked you properly for this report, which I just read through again, following the appearance suddenly of a great deal of damp on the rear stone wall of the cellar.

Your report is very detailed and helpful ‐ and reminded me of points that I hadn’t remembered from the day of your visit ‐ so thank you again, as it will be very useful in explaining to the various contractors precisely what needs to be done.