Looking for a Franchise

If you are looking to start your own business with a winning pedigree and a good income please watch this video by Robert Horne (founder of the Damp Detectives)

Have you got a bathroom ceiling like this?


Have you got a bathroom ceiling like this? The local authority put this down the “Condensation caused by lifestyle” but the tenants had their windows open day and night. The nasty looking mould is Alternaria which can stimulate asthma in a child. Not surprisingly the tenants had taken their child to hospital twice with asthma problems. Fortunately, they called DAMP DETECTIVES who located the source of the damp to a point outside the flat and the tenants were moved. If you have any doubts about mould or damp call DAMP DETECTIVES who will always find the source of the problem

The Whole of Europe needs Damp Detectives

Gordon, Scotland

Whilst in Spain ( for other reasons) Robert Horne successfully resolved damp issues for locals . It only goes to show that the skills of Damp Detectives are needed throughout Europe. There are presently specialist Damp Detectives surveyors from Lands End to London and up to Blackpool including Wales. If you are interested in adding a specialist surveying technique to your portfolio or looking for a new direction in life then have a look at www.dampdetectives.co.uk

Dry Rot!

dry rot

One family was warned that there was damp in a home they were buying. They talked to the Vendor and he said he would put it right. He didn’t and 4 years later they have a major dry rot problem. The lesson of the story is Call Damp Detectives before you buy your next home to make sure all hidden damp is identified.

Can I get good damp advice from a free survey?

Free Surveys ” Good or Bad ” This is an extract from Which ?

“We did see some good practice in our damp-proofing investigation (published in Which? in January 2012), but overall in two thirds of cases the companies recommended unnecessary or inappropriate treatment, or missed the problem completely, according to our three damp experts.

If you are considering getting a “free survey” done, make sure you get at least three companies to come to your property and quote for the work before you choose the best deal. If there are inconsistencies in the type of work recommended, or if you are concerned that the companies may be recommending unnecessary treatment, consider getting an independent damp specialist to assess your home.

An independent damp specialist will have no vested interest in recommending unnecessary work so can give you an unbiased opinion on what kind of remedial treatment is necessary – however this could cost between £100 and £750″

The Investigation by Which? Shows that the safe reliable way to solve you damp and mould problems permanently is to contact an Independent Damp Specialist such as Damp Detectives www.dampdetectives.co.uk