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Robert Horne
Independent Qualified Mould & Damp Surveyor

Robert Horne CSRT

Robert Horne is the surveyor for London & surrounding areas

Robert has over 20 years experience in the fire & flood industry with a special interest in damp and mould and particularly on their effects on health.

Robert formed Damp Detectives to provide an independent, unbiased survey as he realised that damp and condensation was frequently misdiagnosed.

In these cases, the treatment is often expensive and ineffective. Our surveys are different, we use our instruments to great effect in identifying and suggesting solutions to almost any mould, damp or condensation issue.

Over the years, Damp Detectives have saved our customers thousands of pounds in avoiding unnecessary remedial work.

Robert Horne is a CSRT surveyor with the Property Care Association. For more information please visit www.property-care.org.

Areas Covered: Guildford, London

House Buyer Damp Surveys

We also offer independent home buyer surveys. If you have any concerns with a new property call us today to inspect before you buy and put your mind at rest.

Benefits Of Having An Independent Damp Survey

  •  Independent Damp Surveys are unbiased and can save you money.
  • When  buying a House, the survey could point out major issues before purchase
  • There are no third parties involved, so we are there to help You.
  • Our Damp Surveyors provide accurate information and solutions.


Damp Detectives are an excellent company. They used their extensive knowledge and experience with help from their equipment to pinpoint the problem. For me it looked like grease on the walls, however it was established that a shower seal had broken and water had dripped over time onto the floor and caused mould to grow on the inside of the plasterboard in a different room. Problem solved.


Having consulted a number of advisory agencies of this type over the years, I found their service to be very professional, confident and thorough; when they gave me advice I knew it could be trusted. I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Louise, Landlady