Damp Surveys In Devon & Cornwall
South West
Jonathan Young
Independent Qualified Mould & Damp Surveyor
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Jonathan is the head of damp surveying in the South West of the UK. Postcodes TR, PL, TQ, EX, TA and BS.

Jonathan has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the building industry from his time in HM Forces qualifying as an Architectural Technologist and building studies through to working abroad and architectural firms in the Southwest.

A sound and extensive knowledge of how buildings work and function in different environments and situations has provided Jonathan with an excellent background to identifying and suggesting reasonable solutions to almost any damp and mould problem.

As with all Damp Detectives, Jonathan will carry out a thorough inspection of your home to ensure that every possible cause is identified for your peace of mind and can provide a written report documenting simple and effective solutions.

Damp Detectives South West covers; Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Bristol

As a Damp Detective his survey is very precise and by using a variety of scientific instruments he can track moisture through floors, walls and ceilings to get right to the root of the problem. Like all Damp Detectives he is totally honest, unbiased and independent and will explain his findings at every stage .

You will be completely satisfied with his survey and realise that often the remedy is quite simple.

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Benefits Of Having An Independent Damp Survey

  •  Independent Damp Surveys are unbiased and can save you money.
  • When  buying a House, the survey could point out major issues before purchase
  • There are no third parties involved, so we are there to help You.
  • Our Damp Surveyors provide accurate information and solutions.


I went to Robert frustrated as I have had ongoing damp and mould for years in my flat that my service provider has constantly blamed on condensation from my lifestyle and hence refused to help me to solve. I was desperate as I now have a baby and mould has even grown on her cot. Robert immediately understood my difficult situation and was able to fit me in quickly. After a detailed and expert survey in my flat and my neighbour’s who also had severe damp he was able to conclude that the cause was not lifestyle or condensation but a leak in the roof that the service provider needs to fix. Knowing that I was going to use his survey to press my service provider into action he set some up data loggers which recorded the humidity in my flat over a two period to provide some extra data and graphs that my service provider will not be able to avoid. He’s taken a massive weight off my shoulders and allowed me to take control of the situation with my service provider.


I would recommend Robert’s service to anyone looking to buy a property who wanted to be sure it was in good order, or anyone living with damp and mould. Having spent the last three years becoming more and more frustrated with the property management agency responsible for maintenance in my block of flats, I now have an understanding of the root causes of my flat’s problem, and evidence which will hopefully resolve the situation once and for all. Robert is really friendly and understanding and very methodical in his approach

Katherine, London